Course Title: Iranian Economy

Place: Imam Sadegh University

Time: Autumn Semester 2003

Instructor: Dr. Seyed Hosein Mirjalili

Outline of the course

A) Economic System

1-Systematic Characteristics of Iran's Economy

2-Property Rights in Iran

3-Competition Policy, transaction cost and State-Owned Enterprises.

4-Market imperfections and monopolies

B) Economic Structure

B-1-Financial Sector

5-Supply of Money

6-Value of Money

7-Asymmetric information in Banking

8-Tehran Stock Exchange

9-Government Budget Structure

B-2- Real Sector

10-Input-Output Tables in IRAN

11-Employment & Unemployment

12- Key (Primary) Sector in IRAN


14-Industry & mining



17-Informal Sector in IRAN

C) Future studies in Iranian Economy